Lieutenancy area

This map shows the lieutenancy county boundaries of Aberdeenshire, Banffshire and Kincardineshire. Each county has its own Lord-Lieutenant. Aberdeenshire is represented by James Ingleby, Banffshire by Mrs Oliver Russell (Clare) and Kincardineshire by Mrs Roderick Kinghorn (Carol). Aberdeen City is represented by The Lord Provost Mr George Adam.

Protocol and contact details


The correct form of address for the Lord-Lieutenant

Written: Mr James Ingleby, Her Majesty's Lord-Lieutenant of Aberdeenshire

Salutation: Dear Lord-Lieutenant

In a Speech: In the preamble, the Lord-Lieutenant should be referred to as 'Lord-Lieutenant'. A speech might begin 'Lord- Lieutenant, Ladies and Gentlemen...'

Conversation: Mr Ingleby should be initially addressed as 'Lord-Lieutenant' and thereafter as Mr Ingleby.

If the Lord-Lieutenant is represented by the Vice Lord-Lieutenant or a Deputy, the above etiquette should be adapted accordingly ie 'Dear Vice Lord-Lieutenant', Dear Deputy Lieutenant'. A speech might begin 'Vice Lord-Lieutenant, Ladies and Gentlemen...' or 'Deputy Lieutenant...'

Church services and seating

At funerals, the Lord-Lieutenant or his representative (unless attending in a personal capacity) always enters the church last (two minutes before the start of the service and before the coffin) and always leaves straight after the family. For other church services, the Lord- Lieutenant or his representative enters last and leaves first. The usual arrangement is for the Lord-Lieutenant to be seated at the front of the nave on the south side. For funerals, if the family is on the south side, the Lord-Lieutenant sits on the north side at the front and on the aisle edge.

Seating in general

At other functions, the Lord-Lieutenant should be seated in the same place as you would seat a member of the Royal Family - as the principal guest.

Issues relating to protocol and precedence can be clarified in consultation with the Lord-Lieutenant's office.

Contact details


01466 700367

Mr James Ingleby, Lord-Lieutenant of Aberdeenshire
Invermarkie Lodge, by Huntly, Aberdeenshire AB54 4XY