Lieutenancy area

This map shows the lieutenancy county boundaries of Aberdeenshire, Banffshire and Kincardineshire. Each county has its own Lord-Lieutenant. Aberdeenshire is represented by Alexander Philip Manson, Banffshire by Mr Andrew Simpson and Kincardineshire by Mr Alastair Macphie. Aberdeen City is represented by The Lord Provost Mr Barney Crockett.

Inviting members of the Royal Family to Aberdeenshire

Queen in Ballater ButcherEach year The Queen and other members of the Royal Family attend nearly 3,000 visits throughout the United Kingdom.

Official functions often feature prominently in such visits, including opening new buildings, meeting local dignitaries and visiting businesses, schools, hospitals and other public buildings as well as community schemes, military units and charities.

As patrons of over 3,000 charities, members of the Royal Family also visit a large number of charity organisations and projects each year.

The best initial point of contact for Aberdeenshire visits by any member of the Royal Family is via the Lord-Lieutenant, who is responsible for advising on invitations and for co-ordinating the programme of any Royal visitor.

The Lord-Lieutenant will then liaise with Buckingham Palace, the Private Office of the prospective Royal visitor and the host organisation.

Invitations to members of the Royal Family are welcomed, although not all can be fulfilled owing to the large numbers received.

Each invitation is given careful consideration, and in some cases another member of the Royal Family will be able to attend instead.

All invitations to The Queen or any other member of the Royal family for future engagements in Aberdeenshire should be directed to:

Alexander Manson, Lord-Lieutenant of Aberdeenshire
Aberdeenshire AB51 0DN

The diary programme of members of the Royal Family are planned well in advance, so invitations should be submitted at least six months ahead of the suggested visit.